Estimating Bond Returns

Many people find the performance of bonds, and particularly bond funds, confusing. We know that if we buy a bond for $100 that matures in 5 years and pays a $5 coupon (or 5% yield), then we will earn 5% if we hold that bond to maturity. (I am assuming that the bond...

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Rediker Reflects on Community Banks

According to recent data included in the Q4 2016 Banking Almanac, Birmingham community banks are experiencing growth. Analysts believe more growth should be expected in 2017. The Birmingham Business Journal’s Michael Seale examined the perceived impact of the new...

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PWCo’s Banking Almanac Featured on BBJ

Every quarter, Porter White and Company’s (PWCo) community banking practice publishes a Banking Almanac, a comprehensive report on all Alabama banks and thrifts. The 4Q 2016 Banking Almanac examines Alabama institutions by a variety of financial measures, including:...

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