About Us

We are a firm that seeks to harness the advancements in academic finance to solve a wide variety of financial challenges. Whether complicated derivative analysis or understanding the application of behavioral finance, we seek first to understand and then develop and communicate a path forward for our clients. We maintain relationships with an extensive network of experts to provide additional assistance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide sound advice that helps our clients make the best decisions to achieve their financial goals. To do this, we apply the skills learned through work experience, formal education and professional certifications in a constructive environment where ideas can be discussed, formulated, and executed upon.

Our Vision

Our firm seeks disciplined growth with uncompromising quality, objectivity and integrity. We do not aspire to be large, only big enough to help our clients, and to partner with other skilled professionals where needed. We want our employees to thrive in an open environment where helping clients comes first, establishing and maintaining trust is paramount, and gratification comes from doing good work that helps people achieve their objectives.

Our Culture

We seek to create an environment where the exchange of ideas is free flowing and executing for clients is valued. We work hard when client circumstances demand but maintain “head space” for creative problem solving. Individual initiative is encouraged but team efforts are required to provide the best results. Ongoing education is expected as that is the only way we can keep abreast of the fast-changing financial markets and deliver the best results for clients.

Meet Our People

Our team combines its collective academic and professional backgrounds to meet the needs of our clients. We also seek to make a difference in our community by taking leadership roles on non-profit boards and participating in civic clubs. Learn more about the backgrounds of the people who are our firm.