While often it is tempting to take action on what we think will directly meet our clients, we have found that it is best to first step back and assess and better understand each client’s situation. We break down our process into four categories.


We first seek to understand our clients’ situation, both where they are and where they would like to go. We gather relevant information to assist us in our analysis, sometimes referred to as “doing our due diligence.”


We then analyze the client’s situation using our understanding of financial markets and the inherent risks. We understand how to project future events, value results on current basis and analyze how risk could impact various outcomes.


Only after discovery and analysis are we in a position to communicate our thoughts. We seek to “paint pictures with numbers” using both graphs and images to simplify complex situations while not watering down important details. The form our recommendations can be a spreadsheet analysis, a written report, or a presentation.


Once we have made a recommendation, we help clients execute on a plan, whether that be meeting capital needs, selling to or acquiring another entity, investing assets or monitoring an ongoing situation. We take ownership in our clients’ goals. We do not merely provide advice from the sidelines but invest ourselves in our client situations.