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Helping You Stay On Track

There are many financial dangers on your journey to getting where you want to be. The path to reaching your financial destination is full of conflicts and pitfalls. That is where a relationship with an experienced advisor can be important. We bring our expertise to bear and guide our clients through financial challenges so they can make good decisions. We have found that the strongest relationships have a foundation of trust, and are built-up over time by always putting clients’ interests first. For over 40 years, we have helped clients reach their financial goals.

Businesses &

Every company has owners, managers and professionals working to make it successful. We provide an array of services to help meet the needs of the company along its life cycle.


We understand their specific needs of highly regulated entities and draw on our in-depth planning and transactional expertise to help them navigate a challenging industry.

Non Profits &

We were founded to help public sector and tax-exempt entities, and we remain active serving clients in higher education, government and not-for-profit spaces.

Individuals &

While serving many professional roles, you also need the best advice to take care of what is closest to home — your family, your human capital, and your investments.

Selecting Your Advisors

When you seek out professionals to help solve a problem, you want someone that is skilled, experienced and focused on your needs.

For instance, when selecting a medical professional (such as a surgeon), you want someone with a strong academic background, up-to date certifications and licensing and long experience in the procedure to be done. The same is true for financial professionals.

Our people, and their backgrounds, form the core capability that we bring to bear on solving our client’s financial problems. Learn more about our academic backgrounds, professional degrees, certifications and prior experience.

Featured Advisor

Michael Stone, Vice President of Porter White & Co.Michael Stone is an investment banker providing M&A, financing, valuation, and advisory services for PW&Co’s clients. He has worked with clients in a broad range of industries…

Practice Areas

We group our services in to practice areas designed to meet the specific needs of certain clients and/or industries.


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In The Community

We believe in serving our community. By giving back through service and on non-profit boards, our people can apply their financial knowledge and management skills to make an impact. Our community is richer because of the successful non-profit entities in our area.