Our Approach

Our Process

We create the foundation for long term investment success.

In order to do this we have a process for developing a plan that our clients can follow.

    • Understand your current situation
    • Analyze existing investments
    • Develop investment plan
    • Select investment options
    • Implement and rebalance
    • Monitor and report
    • Update plan as your situation evolves

We want to know our clients’ objectives for the assets we manage for them. What goal do they want the assets to achieve?

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy guides our approach to making investment decisions for our clients.

Markets work

  • Capital markets do a good job of fairly pricing all available information and investor expectations about publicly traded securities.

Diversification is key

  • While concentrating investments can create wealth it can also destroy it. Diversifying reduces exposure to the risk of any one company.

Risks must be understood and managed

  • Not all risks earn a reliable reward.
  • Risks that needlessly jeopardize performance should be reduced or eliminated. Asset allocation explains performance.
  • Selection of asset classes (such as bonds, stocks, international or domestic) is the most important determinant of performance. Market timing and security selection seldom lead to superior risk adjusted returns.

Better performance through research

  • We rely on academic research and thoroughly tested principles to construct portfolios that can deliver better risk-adjusted returns.
Risk Management

We help clients understand the risks they face and their tolerance for risk, both emotionally and financially. In times of market turmoil, we help put events into perspective for our clients.

What would you do if your portfolio lost half of its value? This is one of many questions that we ask to try to understand the level of risk an investor is willing to take. The equity markets have lost 50% more than once and this magnitude of loss is possible, indeed likely, in the future. We try to reduce risk to the level that a client can tolerate for the long term.

Our People

The PW&Co team combines commitment to community with broad skills and experience. Our team has degrees and advanced degrees from institutions such as Duke, Harvard, Princeton, Virginia, Georgetown and Yale. We have prior experience at firms such as Bradley Arant, and Credit Suisse.

Meet the team.