Practice Areas

We group our services in to practice areas designed to meet the specific needs of certain clients and/or industries.


Business owners often have a significant amount of their net worth tied to their own businesses. When evaluating strategic options, a business valuation is often a good place to start. Our expertise in valuation allows us to advise clients on valuation issues in connection with the sale of companies and informs our advice on the process by which they are sold. When selling an entire company, we advise clients to look for synergistic and industry buyers who can realize the greatest benefits from the acquisition, and thus pay the highest price for the company.

Wealth Management

Every investor needs an investment plan with a clear focus on long-term investment objectives. We develop and manage comprehensive financial plans, based on each client’s unique set of circumstances, so that their investments are directed to achieving their financial goals in life, leaving them free to spend time on what is important to them. Achieving your goals requires more than just good investment performance; it involves a number of good financial decisions throughout the course of your lifetime. We help clients make these decisions no matter what stage or category they are in.

M&A Capital Advisory

We advise clients on significant capital-related matters including sourcing capital, capital needs assessment, and planning for potential investments. Our objective when advising on important capital-related issues is to support the strategic and financial objectives of each client with expertise that is traditionally only available from larger investment banking firms.

Investment Consulting

We serve as fiduciaries in supporting trustees and investment committees in making sound investment decisions for retirement plans, endowments and other institutional funds. We help institutions stengthen their efficacy and legacy by leveraging our firm's deep institutional knowledge.

Municipal Advisory

As a registered Municipal Advisor, we provide a variety of specialized public finance, financial advisory and consulting services to state and local governments and not-for-profit institutions. Since 1975, we have provided municipal advisory services across the public sector: education, healthcare, tourism, municipal and environmental services, governments and agencies, airports and transportation, and non-profits. Our services include debt management, long-term financial planning, economic development, project management, investment advisory, and compliance and ongoing support.

Community Banking

Our Community Banking practice combines the services of our Valuation, M&A Capital Advisory and Distressed Situations practices and tailors them to meet the unique needs of community banks. Our professionals have extensive transactional experience ranging from $100 million whole-bank acquisition advisories and IPO lead manager roles to valuation reports, fairness opinions and small private equity placements for community banks. Our team has deep experience in the industry, from both an external investment banking perspective and internal senior credit officer roles.

Distressed Situations

We provide advisory services to companies, creditors and stakeholders in financially-distressed situations. Whether the situation is in- or out-of bankruptcy, we have the experience and mature judgment to address difficult situations, manage short-term cash planning and reporting, and structure transactions to achieve the most favorable terms for each client. We utilize our valuation expertise to help capital providers assess collateral values in distressed situations.

Project Finance

We have a deep understanding of the specific issues that single purpose, single asset companies face. Our team is experienced in the complex financial modeling required to determine project risk and to allocate risk among various stakeholders. We carefully design capital structures so they can attract financing from a number of funding sources, allowing us to maximize the value of a project for our clients.