Community Banking

Our Community Banking practice combines the services of our ValuationM&A Capital Advisory and Distressed Situations practices and tailors them to meet the unique needs of community banks. Our professionals have extensive transactional experience ranging from $100 million whole-bank acquisition advisories and IPO lead manager roles to valuation reports, fairness opinions and small private equity placements for community banks. Our team has deep experience in the industry, from both an external investment banking perspective and internal senior credit officer roles.

Client Bank Services

Mergers & Acquisitions

PW&Co can help your institution merge with another institution, buy or sell a branch, or acquire or divest a portfolio of loans.

Fairness Opinions

PW&Co can provide your board an expert opinion on the fairness of a variety of corporate transaction types.

Strategic Planning

PW&Co can help your institution plan for the future with customized strategic planning services. Our strategic planning service help prepare our clients to understand what types of mergers or acquisitions would be a good alternative to an organic growth strategy.

Capital Strategies

PW&Co can assist your institution in formulating a long-term capital plan and in accessing the capital markets.


PW&Co has expertise in bank stock valuations for ESOP, estate, strategic planning and other purposes. We also provide collateral valuations.

Workout Consulting

PW&Co advises parties to a loan where a borrower is experiencing financial distress whether the situation is in- or out-of bankruptcy.

Community Banking Team

Mike Murphey

Mike Murphey

Senior Advisor

(205) 252-3681

Michael Stone, CFA

Michael Stone, CFA

Vice President

(205) 252-3681

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