This report explores a few key statistics that paint a picture of the Birmingham area economy. This is the tenth edition of the newly reinstated Porter, White & Company Birmingham Area Economic Report, which is published quarterly. The results in this report are the best of the reports we have published thus far.

Click here to download the full report with a more in-depth look at the statistics.

The chart below shows a snapshot of findings for the last twelve months from September 30, 2015 to September  30, 2016. In summary, the Birmingham area economy continues to show signs of positive growth, as evidenced by improvement in three of the five categories below; however, the Birmingham area continues to lag behind the national economy and comparable metropolitan areas.

Figure 1: Local Area Trend, Last Twelve Months as of September 30, 2016

Figure 2: Local versus National Trend (Relative Year-to-Year Change), as of June 30, 2016


In this report, Local Area is defined as the following for each category: Total Employment (Birmingham-Hoover MSA), Retail Sales (average of City of Birmingham and Jefferson County), Occupational Tax (City of Birmingham), Electricity Sales (Birmingham-Hoover MSA), and Airline Enplanements (Birmingham Airport).  See the full report for other relevant notes.